Intentional Polyamory Cohort

Chaneé Jackson-Kendall (she/her) is a Black polyamorous educator and event planner, who co-founded Black Poly Pride- the first and only Black polyamorous conference for Black people, by Black people. She has openly identified as non-monogamous and kinky for over a decade, and is the proud Mama of a kind, intelligent son, whom she lovingly co-parents with 3 other amazing humans. Chaneé has dedicated her life to polyamorous education, outreach, and activism, and is passionate about normalizing polyamory as both a relationship orientation and a valid relational choice.

Intentional Polyamory with Chaneé

Most recently, Chaneé Jackson-Kendall founded Intentional Polyamory, an educational organization dedicated to intentionally creating polyamorous lives.

What is The Intentional Polyamory Cohort?

A cohort is an intentional learning community. In the intentional polyamory cohort, we work collaboratively throughout our 6 weeks together. Classes will be recorded, but participants should plan to be in attendance regularly to get the most benefit from the cohort. Enrollment for the next iteration of the Cohort is currently ongoing.

The dates for the next cohort are February 25- March 31, 2024.

Here are the unique features of the Intentional Polyamory cohort:

  • A 6-week immersive program
  • Weekly, interactive video- based workshops
  • Weekly office hours to discuss and process
  • Actionable steps to building a polyamorous life, on purpose
  • Group assignments to help you delve deeper
  • Independent learning materials weekly
  • A private online group to foster community
  • A personal intake video call with Chaneé
  • Discounted coaching calls for cohort members
  • NEW: The (upcoming) Intentional Polyamory Workbook!

If you would like to schedule a fit call to see if the transformative cohort is for you, Please schedule a call.

Why Intentional Polyamory?

Intentional: adjective - done on purpose; deliberate.

People often arrive at polyamory as a progression from other forms of non-monogamy. As a result; old ways of being that are not compatible with the goals of polyamory sometimes remain.

During the Intentional Polyamory cohort, we will examine the ways in which our actions and lifestyle choices are out of harmony with our goals, de-program and de-center monogamy and amatonormativity, and help participants to build (or re-build) the polyamorous lives that they desire.

Who Is This Program For?

Intentional Polyamory is for all who desire to live rich & harmonious lives while engaging in fulfilling and healthy polyamorous relationships. Whether you are new-ish to polyamory, or if you’ve been doing this for awhile; this program can help you! We’ll start with polyam theory; and then we will go through the skills and steps that have been proven to lead to long, (relatively) harmonious polyam lives. It is important to point out that zero existing partners are required in order to start building your polyamorous life, with intention. People beginning their polyamorous journey, or not currently in a polyamorous relationship; are warmly invited to enroll.

Program Cost

The cost of this 6-week immersive experience is $777.00, and slots are limited. We accept credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Klarna.

What past participants had to say!
Intentional Polyamory Testimonials


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