Intentional Polyamory Testimonials

"The Intentional Polyamory course is providing the foundations of building the life/ community that I want! It’s forcing me to focus on self and is helping me to communicate better with not just my partner but with my kids, friends, and family! If you are seeking to live and love more intentionally, then this is the course you need!"

“Chaneé really cares about the success of the cohort participants and encourages a level of transparency and vulnerability that is critical to growth in the polyamorous space. 10/10 would recommend. Create the intentional relationship culture that can expand your world. Enjoy!”

“I am having the best time getting to know other polyamorous folks, on a deep, sincere level- learning together on how to show up in our community and relationships in a more intentional and healthy way. I am so happy to be learning about Polyamory and how to be a more responsible and caring partner.”

“The first word that comes to mind to describe my Intentional Polyamory experience is TRANSFORMATIVE. As a lifelong hopeful romantic, serial monogamist, and married man with 2 kids, I knew polyam would have its challenges in my transition. Chaneè challenged my thinking and it was uncomfortable AF, but it was what I needed. She was gentle yet firm, nurturing yet direct. Everything about this cohort is intentional: The lessons, the partners, the assignments, the guest speakers, her words… nothing is accidental or left to chance. I can’t recommend this cohort enough, and have already encouraged my partner to tap in for cohort 2. I promise you - you need this in your life.”

“I signed up for this course to help navigate my transition from monogamy to polyamory. What I expected was to leave with useful information and new perspectives on a poly lifestyle. What I am actually leaving with is all of that and so, so much more! I am leaving with a whole new community and with relationship skills I'll use in every facet of life. I've never felt so fulfilled and connected with people I've known for only 5 weeks. This was an unforgettable experience.”